BOSKEMPER is our love letter to the women of the world who are consumed by wanderlust.

A female owned & run label, based in Melbourne, embracing the essence of travel & celebrating the diversity of women throughout the world. Our collections are meticulously created, drawing inspiration from a point on the map we have travelled to & reflect the diverse landscapes, cultures & colours.

Our effortless yet distinctive pieces are designed to be mixed & matched, worn together to transform an outfit into an art of functional self-expression.

Our layering philosophy helps embrace the essence of traveling. With BOSKEMPER in your bag, you can layer up in a chilly urban landscape or strip it back to surrender to the leisure of Summer.

Offering the perfect balance of masculinity & femininity our collections fluently adapt to the rhythm of the seasons & destinations of the world.

Get to know us, & let the love affair begin.



Meet Kirsty Boskemper-Irwin, the Head Designer & Creative Director behind BOSKEMPER, a modern womenswear label that is infused with her personal ethos of effortlessness & worldly adventure. With 10 years of experience in the industry, this self-taught designer brings a balance of sophisticated femininity, with dark accords & a nod to her personal style.

BOSKEMPER is a product of Kirsty’s affection for high-end design, mixed with a love for music & travel, finished seamlessly with her attention to detail.

Each collection is carefully curated with inspiration stemming from her frequent explorations. It’s easy to see the influence of her favourite cities & its people entwined into each range. A certain mood is encapsulated in her designs whether it be the energy from a bustling city like New York, the coastal freedom of LA or the alluring romance from the streets of Paris.

Growing the #BOSwomen community is what led Kirsty here. The BOSKEMPER lifestyle emotes creativity & a sense of empowerment for its movement of women.

Follow more of our journey on Kirsty's Instagram at @bykirstybosirwin