Each BOSKEMPER collection is inspired by a beautiful city from somewhere around the world. We are inspired by the sights, smells, food, music & most of all its people. Our Creative Director meets so many inspiring, creative women on her travels & wanted to share their stories to help ignite your love for all the good things in life. Read through our chats with these incredible go-getters, whilst lusting over all their coveted must-haves (that we now, must have too) & learn about each cities hidden gems. Ultimately our #BOSwomen campaign is the modern woman's travel guide. 

Sami will make you want to grow your hair long, wear floral printed dresses & dance to records all night long. This actress in the making knows all the go-to hidden digs in Sydney. She lives coastal with the ocean as her backyard, yet wines & dines al fresco in the city… the brain we had to pick. 


Sami (short for Samantha) - growing up there were four other girls in my class called Samantha in primary school, so this one kind of stuck. 

5 things you can’t live without?

1. Yoga
2. Italian food
3. The ocean
4. Fresh flowers
5. My friends & family

What is on your bed side table?

L’Occitane hand cream, always a book - currently North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell, lavender & scented candles.

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic & constantly transforming - I love to experiment with different trends & styles, from my leather biker pants to soft & feminine florals. At the start of each season I love to create mood boards that inspire what my wardrobe will look like. I always have at least three pairs of high waisted flares, 4 shades of red lipstick, mini skirts & checkered blazers. I guess you could say I’m a chameleon, because to me each day is a new opportunity to try something new.

What’s on your Spotify repeat? 

II love the classics - Van Morrison, Neill Young, Patti Smith but I also love modern rock & Brit Pop. Currently I’m jamming to Dua Lipa & some pretty crazy 70’s disco - I guess my taste in music is like my fashion style.

Hobbies or hidden talents?
I can play the blues on the guitar, I actually do a very good Moon Walk & I love improvisational comedy, I love to have a laugh so its very much ingrained in my being. 


 DKNY Be Delicious & Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium - they are so yummy!

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I grew up in Melbourne but then moved to a small country town in the Hunter Valley Wine Country in my early teens - I got the best of both worlds between a city & a country upbringing.

Favourite place to be in nature?
By the sea! I love exploring the Royal National Park in Sydney’s South where you find hidden gems, waterfalls, amazing vistas & a pristine coastline. I’ve always loved swimming & snorkelling, and in summer there is no place I’d rather be!  

What do you love most about your city?
Sydney is so, so diverse & has arguably one of the best harbours in the world. You get this gorgeous mix between beach & Harbourside that contributes so much to your lifestyle. Aside from the beautiful natural elements, Sydney also has an amazing restaurant scene. My hot Tip - the best Italian food you’ll find is at 10 William St (Paddington). From a gig at the Opera House to unwinding in Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden, it’s such a big, multicultural city & truly a gateway to the rest of the world. You can dream big in Sydney!  

Best hidden gem in Sydney? 
The Gardens by Lotus located in The Chinese Garden of Friendship in Darling Harbour. It’s a gorgeous ‘Teahouse’ style dining experience, with the yummiest traditional modern menu. Take a walk through China Town & treat yourself to a glass of wine and amazing food. 

What is your favourite Boskemper piece?
The Manly dress in Wild Floral - its gorgeous, feminine & can be dressed up & dressed down from Sunday brunch to a night out on the town when paired with some knee high boots. I felt this dress is beautifully complementary to the female form, plus the fabric is absolutely divine. Definitely the most complimented garment in my wardrobe, it made me feel like I was glowing inside & out! 

Sami wears the Manley Dress, South Skirt & Cove Bralette.


South Skirt in White - BOSKEMPER
South Skirt in White - BOSKEMPER
South Skirt in White - BOSKEMPER
South Skirt in White - BOSKEMPER
South Skirt in White - BOSKEMPER
South Skirt in White - BOSKEMPER
South Skirt in White - BOSKEMPER
South Skirt in White - BOSKEMPER


Cove Bralette in White - BOSKEMPER
Cove Bralette in White - BOSKEMPER
Cove Bralette in White - BOSKEMPER
Cove Bralette in White - BOSKEMPER