Each BOSKEMPER collection is inspired by a beautiful city from somewhere around the world. We are inspired by the sights, smells, food, music & most of all its people. Our Creative Director meets so many inspiring, creative women on her travels & wanted to share their stories to help ignite your love for all the good things in life. Read through our chats with these incredible go-getters, whilst lusting over all their coveted must-haves (that we now, must have too) & learn about each cities hidden gems.  Ultimately our #BOSwomen campaign is the modern woman's travel guide. 

Award winning Sexologist, Chantelle Otten, is a true advocate for empowerment. We just had to sit down with this powerhouse & what better timing than International Women’s Day. 

Admired by so many for her work & not to mention, her personal style. Chantelle is a passionate, ballsy, sweet & humble human. An inspiring woman in many aspects of her life… discover this personal snapshot of her life in Melbourne, Australia.

Tell us what you do.

I do a few things!
I am a psycho-sexologist. This means that I help people with sexual problems, working from a psychological perspective. I run the largest sexology clinic in Australia & am involved with the media, science & education.

You have such an interesting job. How did you start out?
I studied psychology & realised that it wasn't my dream to become a generalised psychologist. My mum called me one day & told me to watch a TED talk by Esther Perel, who is a famous psycho-therapist who looks at the fluidity of desire & fidelity. From then on, I knew I wanted to talk about sex, & moved to Amsterdam to complete my sexual medicine qualifications & become a sexologist.

Proudest career moment?
So many moments, I celebrate every little milestone. Winning my first award in sexual medicine at age 25 was special. Or opening my first clinic in Collingwood so that my team of 7 could work & grow. We now have about 11 on the team.

What did you dream of becoming when you were a little girl?

I had no idea. My head was in the stars. Still is really!

5 things you can’t live without?

I can live without a lot of things I realise.
1. I can’t live without love in my life.
2.  Can’t live without touch.
3. Can’t live without sex.
4. Can’t live without the sun.
5. Can’t live without passion.

What is on your bed side table?

Bottles of sparkling water. That’s it.

How would you describe your style?
Fluid. I love to wear my boyfriend's clothes & just chill being a tomboy. Or getting really girly & sexy. Dresses with sneakers. Or knee high boots. I love lace & organza.

Favourite place to have a cocktail?
Builders arms hotel

What do you love most about your city?

Ohhhhh that my friends are so closeby. I live in Collingwood & can walk to the gardens, or to drop past my friends houses, or to go shopping. I love the inner city parks & the casual artistic vibes of Melbourne. Inner city parks make me feel so spoilt.

It’s a Friday night, where are you having dinner?

Either at home with my boyfriend, just uber eats. Or! Out with him & friends. Maybe Le Bon Ton or my favourite Easey’s Burgers.

Best hidden gem in Melbourne?

Easeys Burgers. Sitting outside under the heaters in winter. Plus they do great loaded sweet potato fries, which I could eat every day of the week.

What’s on your Spotify repeat?

Rosalia. Peggy Gou. H.E.R. A$AP Ferg. Teyana Taylor. Kehlani. Dom Dolla. Benson. Sabrina Claudio. Really depends on my shmood.

What life motto do you live by?

Try your best!

Chantelle wears our Twist & Shout Dress in Noir.


Twist & Shout Dress in Noir - BOSKEMPER
Twist & Shout Dress in Noir - BOSKEMPER
Twist & Shout Dress in Noir - BOSKEMPER
Twist & Shout Dress in Noir - BOSKEMPER
Twist & Shout Dress in Noir - BOSKEMPER