Each BOSKEMPER collection is inspired by a beautiful city from somewhere around the world. We are inspired by the sights, smells, food, music & most of all its people. Our Creative Director meets so many inspiring, creative women on her travels & wanted to share their stories to help ignite your love for all the good things in life. Read through our chats with these incredible go-getters, whilst lusting over all their coveted must-haves (that we now, must have too) & learn about each cities hidden gems.  Ultimately our #BOSwomen campaign is the modern woman's travel guide. 

This pasta loving, Beyoncé meeting beauty does it all... Makeup Artist, Model, Actor & Entrepreneur whose impeccable style inspires all. Did we also mention she is the sweetest person you'd ever meet? Candice now resides in Byron Bay's hinterland & is killing it with her Freelancing business as a Makeup Artist (we can vouch that she is one of the best!). She focuses on enhancing natural beauty & promotes the importance of ethical & cruelty free products. To find out more, we sat down with Candice to chat all things beauty, fashion & life. 

Tell us what you do.
I am a Freelance Makeup Artist.

Proudest career moment?
I could say it was sitting with Beyonce on the floor of her penthouse apartment at Crown discussing make-up looks for her dancers, that was an unreal moment. To be honest though, I think my proudest moments happen when a client sees themselves in a new light & loves the way they look & feel.  

What is most important to you on set?
Good music & a good attitude. I think it’s necessary for everyone to realise that each person on that set plays an important part in creating the project at hand, there’s no need for power plays & disrespect. 

We love that you use cruelty free products in your kit, tell us more about that? What made you make the change? Was it a hard move?
To be honest, it’s still a bit of a work in progress. It was an easy decision to make because I think we live in a world where testing on animals doesn’t need to happen anymore. It’s actually never needed to happen. We (Humans) should be the one’s getting tested on… but I digress. Back in the earlier days, Professional makeup artists were limited in brands that would perform well, I think that’s becoming the case less & less. It’s a matter of doing the research & trying new things, I often try new cruelty free makeup & wear test it on myself… it’s trial & error.I still have some MAC & Nars products in my kit, which I will use until finished as I don’t want to waste product either, but I am trying to replace everything I have with cruelty free. If you’re unsure if something is cruelty free or not, you can always check & also, before I finish this rant, any beauty products sold into China are not cruelty.

What did you dream of becoming when you were a little girl?
Funnily enough, A makeup artist.

Absolutely love that you make some of your own products, like lip balm. Any other secret potions we should know about?
I make face oil & creams as-well. Currently working on a little project, early days yet but fingers crossed I have the guts to get it off the ground.

5 things you can’t live without?
There’s only one thing. Pasta.

What is on your bedside table?
This works sleep spray & roller, cygnet perfumery face balm (I use this on my lips too), Bear face oil, a salt lamp, some crystals, Maison Balzac water carafe & glass.

How would you describe your style?

I lean towards the 90’s during the day & 70’s at night.

Favourite place to have a cocktail?
I haven’t found a place in Byron that does great Martini’s but I’m enjoying the quest to find it. Best Margarita’s go to Miss Margarita. They’re amazing.

What do you love most about the city you live in?
The relaxed beach vibe. The lack of Traffic & busy roads… My work constantly takes me to new places & I’m in awe of just how much beauty this place holds.

It’s a Friday night, where are you having dinner?
At home. With a bottle of wine. Cuddled up with the husband & our fur babies & at least two movies to get through.

Best hidden gem in Byron?
Korzina, a little Greek Restaurant in the Industrial Estate, it’s perfect for a date night or intimate dinner with friends. Great music, staff & lighting.

What life motto do you live by?
Life is timing x

Candice wears our Nico Maci Dress in Power Floral, Underground Top in Orchid & Merci Bodysuit in Noir.




Underground Top in White - BOSKEMPER
Underground Top in White - BOSKEMPER
Underground Top in White - BOSKEMPER
Underground Top in White - BOSKEMPER
Underground Top in White - BOSKEMPER


Merci Bodysuit in Noir - BOSKEMPER
Merci Bodysuit in Noir - BOSKEMPER
Merci Bodysuit in Noir - BOSKEMPER
Merci Bodysuit in Noir - BOSKEMPER
Merci Bodysuit in Noir - BOSKEMPER
Merci Bodysuit in Noir
Merci Bodysuit in Noir
Merci Bodysuit in Noir